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Best Paper Awards 2017

Best Research Paper

Dr. George K Ndi
University of Huddersfield, UK

Best Student Paper

Chamidi Ekanayake
Nithya Partners, Attorneys-at-Law, Sri Lanka

Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Asst. Prof. Arnar Thor Jonsson
University of Reykjavík, Iceland

Dr. Suresh V Nadagoudar
Bangalore University, India

Best Student Paper

Mr. Preston Wong
National University of Singapore 

Mr. Radley Henrico
University of Johannesburg, South Africa

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Selected Paper Submissions for Oral Presentation at LRPP 2017 (as at 22 May 2017)

The Interplay Between Environmental Protection And International Private Corporations’ Interests Through The Lens Of Disclosure And Confidentiality Of Information: Pragmatism Rather Than Dogmatism
A Search For Justification: Uganda’S Military Intervention In South Sudan.
Existing Paradox In The Nationality Status Of Biharis In Bangladesh: An Appraisal
Public Policy In Algeria
Online Behavioral Advertising: Regulation, Self-Regulation, And Policy
An Appraisal Of Assessment Procedure Under The Nigerian Tax Law
Triple Bottom Line Applied To Airport Ppp Creating Model Of Service Excellence – The Gmr Igia Airport Success Case Study 
An Empirical Analysis Of The Criminal Law And Religious Perspectives Of Abortion In Nigeria
Conflicts Between Public Policies And Coordination Challenges In Policy-Making: Evidences From Brazil
Development Of Children Through The Prism Of Pending Bills In India: An Analytical Study
Explaining The Existence & Persistence Of Economic Analysis In Law: A Structural & Semiotic Appreciation.
The Right Of Children To Free And Compulsory Education- Relaxation Or Burden
The Importance Of The Quality Of Laws And Independent Public Officials For The Rule Of Law And Fundamental Rights
The Principle Of Rule Of Law In The Reconceptualization Of International Investment Agreements
Determining Character - The Right To Be Heard
The Legal Issues Of Belt And Road Initiative In The Context Of Globalization
A Comparative Analysis Of Kenyas Rights Of Victim Of Crime With Other
High Arbitration In Turkish Labour Law
The Ill-Balanced Triangles Of Policy Implementation In The Middle East Countries
The Intersection Between The Right To Health And Citizens’ Right To Participate In Public Decision-Making
Outsourcing, Urbanization And Crime: Exploring The Perspective Of Bpo And Mnc Employees About Crime In Delhi
The Influence Of Global Policy Agendas In Education In Faculties Of Law In Colombia
India, Norway And South Korea: A Cross Jurisdiction Study Of The Levy Of Green Taxes
'Jus In Bello': The Ihl Principle Of Distinction In The Context Of Asymmetric And Hybrid Armed Conflicts.
Human Resource Management And Public Policy: National And Global Dilemmas.
The Law On Corporate Opportunity Transactions By Directors: A Comparative Analysis Of Australian Law And Delaware Law
American Political Settlements And The Role Of Perception In Assisting Trump’S Victory
Nuclear Energy And Indian Society: Public Engagement, Risk Assessment And Legal Frameworks
Legalising Rhino Trade: A South African Perspective
Environment And Sustainable Development: A Study Of Judicial Role In Realizing Sustainable Development
Legal Framework For Interaction Between The State And Individuals In Contemporary Russia
Presidential Term Limits As Regional Mandate
Anti-Oxidant And Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Novel Oxazepine Derivatives
Amylase And Lipase Inhibitory Effects Of Certain Oxazine Derivatives
A Comparison Of The System Of Public Housing In Hong Kong With The System Of Public Housing In Spain.
Implied Legal Instruments To Protect Human Rights In India: Their Usefulness To Uplift Downtrodden
Fairness Or Efficiency: The Nature Of Property Tax And Legislative Choice In China
Potential And Protectection To Indonesia Plants And Traditional Medicine/Remedies
Freedom Of Expression And Relegion

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